Jack and Julie Carr

“I would like to take a moment to list some of the reasons our family has stayed loyal to our Realtor, Kelly R. Rogers of Yaman Real Estate.

Kelly came recommended to us through mutual friends. Her networking skills, if not legendary considering her tender age, are extraordinary. Who doesn’t she know? Her attention to detail entails setting up and keeping appointments, staying in touch with clients, suggesting many creative alternatives, giving a reality check on market prices, and remembering the most picayune feature of houses she offered to show us. She at all times kept in mind the peculiar and various special needs our family was searching for in our next home. She answered questions and gave advice by conventional phone, cell phone, email and text messaging at all times of the day and the night, often juggling her own personal and family life to accommodate our wackadoodle schedules.

Often she was left in the position of showing certain houses to us individually in order to work with our own time constraints. In doing so she frequently had to double or even triple her face-time on-the-job with us. Cheerful and energized always, she didn’t blink an eye when we asked to see a particular house for the second or third time as we pondered our future. She gave us sound and honest advice when we submitted a purchase offer–which was immediately rejected by the sellers. Next, for a counter-offer, she kept us realistic and reasonable. As it turns out, when our second offer also was not accepted (and the house immediately taken off the market and rented by the month, fully furnished), we had come to the end of our searching rope and decided on new construction.

Again, without a batting of an eyelash, Kelly shifted into advice mode and gave us several helpful hints to avoid pitfalls she knows can come with building new. She sat with us at the closing of the purchase of the land and has kept on top of deadlines for submission of the endless forms and applications that we have gotten ourselves into.

Meanwhile, of course, she has become a member of our extended family. And isn’t that what a Realtor is, really, supposed to do? Here is a local young professional at the top of her game upon whom we can rely. We trust her. We feel comfortable asking her the most outlandish questions. She continues the search for qualified buyers for our current home and keeps us apprised of the local buying trends, ongoing advertising trends, and nibbles from her fellow Realtors.

We are proud to be working with Kelly R. Rogers and would recommend her enthusiastically.”