Laureen Wells

Working with Shuryl in finding my new home was literally a wonderful experience!   Although this wasn’t my first home, this was the first time I was buying the home on my own, and Shuryl made the process so easy!  She was always accessible – only a phone call away – with her bright, energetic outlook about our prospects that week.  Her knowledge and professionalism abound, and I feel totally secure knowing that Shuryl has my back; she has looked for and caught things that I had forgotten or didn’t even know to look for, down to the smallest detail.  In being so attentive to details, including the details of our conversations, Shuryl helped me to find my new home, which has all of my needs and many of my wants.  It’s a great fit, and working with Shuryl was a great fit, too!  She really knows what she’s doing, and she makes you feel so comfortable during what can be a stressful process at times.
I not only recommend Shuryl, I highly recommend her.