Kimberly Kraebel

Over the years, I have had direct experience with the purchase/sale of 6 different houses in multiple markets and thus have had direct experience with at least 6 different agents. Joni is my 7th agent and she is hands down the absolute best agent with whom I have worked.  Joni has all the basic skills needed to be a good agent. She’s a hard worker, shows initiative, and is dependable.  What makes her a great agent though are her impressive negotiation skills and her ability to relate to people.  Joni is a very strong negotiator and more importantly, she is not afraid to negotiate. In fact, she enjoys it and her extensive knowledge of real estate gives her the confidence to negotiate effectively. The negotiation phase can be very stressful for a client but Joni has the right balance of   staying calm and in control while advocating for her clients.  And what helps contribute to her negotiations skills is her ability to relate to people.  An agent’s job, on the surface, is to help with the purchase and sale of homes but it is really about helping two opposing groups of people (buyers and sellers) come to an agreement under stressful conditions. Navigating these situations successfully requires an agent be able to read people, to understand what they are really looking for, to empathize with their concerns, to know when to push and when to step back. This takes a tremendous amount of skill and yet Joni does it effortlessly. Ultimately, though, what really sets Joni apart from other agents is that she loves her job. She truly enjoys it and it shows. It is really that simple. It is a pleasure to be able to work with someone who treats their job with passion and zeal and a healthy dose of humor. She is a truly outstanding agent, a wonderful person, and I feel so fortunate that I was able to work with her.