Mark Seus

I had a large piece of land to sell and was recommended two real estate agents in the area. Neither of these two guys showed the interest I thought would be required to do the job. They didn’t return phone calls, etc. I decided to contacted Yaman real estate as they had the listing for this property when I bought it years before. I called one day at lunch time and just happened to land on Karina’s desk. From the get go, it was clear she was a person that would be willing to hustle and go the extra mile to try and sell my property. She always called when she said she would, and always returned calls. She asked my expectations of the sale, and when I explained them she suggested an asking price. She went on to say she knew of people that could be interested in my property and was very positive. We got an acceptable offer four days after the listing was posted. She provided me with a recommendation for legal representation and helped me navigate all the paperwork thru the closing. I just so happened that things took a while to develop and she was very active in facilitating the closing. As you can probably tell from the above, I cannot say enough about Karina’s skill and expertise. Highly recommended.