Dick & Cindy Clark

We live in the Owego area and once we determined we could not find the home we wanted in our area we reached out to the Cortland/Homer area in our search which is where we met Joan.  One of our very first homes of interest we had lost out on as an offer was just put in place.  From there, after viewing a couple homes with Joan she soon knew exactly what we were searching for.  As the season was passing by we had a real active calendar ahead of us so we advised Joan we would be busy and wouldn’t be actively looking.  A few weeks had passed and thanks to Joan’s knowledge of our interests, she wrote to advise us that the original house we were interested in had the first offer fall through and was back on the market.  She advised us that there was actually an open house that night and if we had any interest we should try and get to it.  We were due to head on vacation the following morning and plans were to go home and pack, but we opted to change our plans and attend this open house.  Once we did our walkthrough we both realized that this was the house we wanted and being that there was some active interest we would need to move fast.  We both had BIG concerns that our vacation plans could be interrupted.  We immediately called Joan and discussed an offer.  Joan pulled together the offer that evening and as we passed through Cortland headed on our vacation the following morning we stopped in Yaman Real Estate to sign the offer.  We were able to still keep our vacation schedule and Joan called us after the offer was presented to the sellers with congratulating news! In our opinion Joan is to be thanked for keeping our search in mind even though we had pulled out of actively looking and as well knowing our wants and keeping up to date with the active market.  As well, Joan knew our scheduling situation and worked hard to pull off the offer so we were able to keep our vacation schedule as planned!  Our entire experience with Joan and Yaman Real Estate has been impressive!!  Thanks Joan…we both appreciate everything you did for us and your assistance in finding our dream home!!