Marylou Leach

I have been through a few real estate transactions and I had delayed selling my home for about a year. I had even tried selling my house myself because I was not looking forward to dealing with a real estate company again. I finally called Jamie Yaman back. Best thing I have done in years!!! I purchased my home as a “fixer – upper” and it was not finished by any means. Jamie was courteous, straight forward, and always responded to my questions big or small with patience! His communication with me was fantastic as I was selling the home from out of state. Through every step (choosing a lawyer, surveyors, septic service, water tests, buyers questions, paperwork) Jamie was there for me. The home was sold quickly, painlessly and very smoothly. I never felt pushed or left out in the whole transaction! I would highly recommend Jamie whether you are selling a $50,000 home or a $500,000 home. You will not regret working with Jamie! So don’t wait…call Jamie Yaman today!!!!