Frank Vaccaro

“I recently drove 4 hours to Cortland to buy a house for my Dad. I figured I’d look for “For Sale” signs and make an offer. After 10 minutes I knew I needed a real estate agent. I googled “best real estate agents Cortland” and dozens of agents were listed. Pamela Cullip was a recent “Agent of the Month” so I called her. I said I wanted to buy a house. It was Saturday, she was booked solid. I didn’t say a thing. Then she said: “Well, you can meet me at the office at 10:00, I have to do paperwork for someone else.” I met her. She listened to what I needed. But then pulled one from memory the computer had not recommended. She said she would be near the house at noon and she would let me in. I wanted that house. She said meet her at the office at 3:30, and said her child would be with her. “Is that a problem?” she said. “No” I said. She entered the agency on schedule, set her child up in her office, and met me in a conference room. We put an offer in on the house. She took the deposit and notified all parties. To make a longer story short; she later notified me the offer was accepted. She scheduled the closing, walked me through the paperwork, introduced me to the lawyers and their secretaries, notified me of their fees, and kept things moving briskly without any extra stress. She gave me a schedule of tax and utility payments, personally introduced me to the home insurance specialist, and even helped me fill out the insurance forms. She drove by the house after the sale and texted me that everything looked safe and secure. All this for someone who just showed up without making an appointment. She went above and beyond. Imagine what she’ll do if you make an appointment!”