Drew Hill

When I first began looking at houses, I asked my sister if she could recommend a really good agent to work with.  She told me just one name: Shuryl Menapace.  She was very happy with Shuryl’s effort and style in showing houses, and I definitely agree.  I’m sure everyone’s homebuying experience has its share of “ups and downs,” and mine was certainly no exception.  But Shuryl tackled the unavoidable obstacles and made the whole experience as smooth as it could be.  One thing I really valued was Shuryl’s honesty.  I didn’t get the impression that she was just trying to close a deal every time we walked into a house.  She wasn’t afraid to tell me what she thought about a house, from price to condition to how well it fit me.  I am now living in the perfect house for me, and I often reflect on how happy I am with how everything turned out.  I’ll be happy to recommend her to anyone else looking for houses, and I can’t imagine how difficult the process would have been without her.   Thank you, Shuryl!