We recently had the opportunity to work with Linda Muirhead on the sale of a Single-Family home in the Village of Homer. The process really started when we began the total renovation of the property. Linda noticed the project and stopped multiple times to inquire. Her persistence lead us to believe that if we decided to use an agent, Linda would be our choice. When the project reached completion, we decided to use the “For Sale By Owner” method. After running Open Houses, several newspaper ads and a lot of frustration, we reached out to the professional (Linda). Within a few days of signing with Linda, she had potential buyers looking at the house. Linda held several Open House events, using her personal touches to assure that the “events” were welcoming to the potential buyers. Linda also continued to keep us updated on the overall real estate market trends and worked our “Sale” right up to the closing. Overall, we had a fantastic experience selling the home, and would definitely recommend Linda! Doug & Mary