Kim MacDonald

Denise Allen was the most patient realtor I could have hoped to work with. She was honest, knowledgeable and really wonderful to work with. I would absolutely work with her again and or recommend her to anyone I know. She was a wealth of knowledge. She always made time for us and answered emails, texts, and phone calls promptly. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication! We couldn’t have found our wonderful new home without you!

Mary Lou Opper

Before we contracted with Denise Allen to sell our rural home, we interviewed several other Realtors.  We chose Denise because of the research she had done on comparable sales and her enthusiasm and honest assessment of the market situation.  Once we signed on with her, she worked very creatively to market our property.  She advertised in a rather broad area, and carefully screened buyers to make certain that they might be a good match.  In the process of selling our property, we had several attractive offers, including two contracts that fell apart through no fault of ours or Denise’s.  This was very stressful, but Denise was there to hold my hand and encourage me through the rough spots.  She was always honest and realistic.  Denise made herself available to us.  She returned calls, texts and email very quickly, and more than once rearranged her schedule to meet our request.  She was always very professional and knowledgeable.  I have to add that she has a great sense of humor, which makes her very pleasant to work with.  I would recommend Denise to sell a property, and have already done so with confidence.

Ed King and George Warren

“When we called Yaman Real Estate, we were directed to Denise. She was great! After showing us a few houses we wanted to see she got an intuitive feel for what we wanted. Then she show us THE house, and it was exactly us. She went above and beyond the call of duty to facilitate our needs and help us through the purchase offer and all the related paperwork. She even took the time to be at our closing to help us get it right. We highly recommend Denise, she is a very caring and knowledgeable person and agent.”

Crystal and Kristofer Brown

“Dear Mr. Yaman, We are writing to you in regard to Denise Allen and our experience with Yaman Real Estate. Our experience with Denise has been superb! Denise is very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. Being first time home buyers we were nervous starting the whole process. However, with Denise on our team, buying a house was a rather pleasant undertaking during a stressful time. Denise generously gave us her time and knowledge by showing us countless houses and has also spent many long hours with us. She listened to what we wanted, rather than steer us in a direction that would instead benefit her. Denise kept in constant contact through phone and email updates, instant gratification in sometimes stressful situations. I also admire Denise’s sincerity-this created a trust factor that was critical throughout our transaction. She worked diligently with us until we closed on our first home, handling little details we had not considered. Denise has proved herself invaluable in our eyes. We are so glad we had her working for us and we will be looking her up again when we decide to sell or to buy additional property. I imagine all her clients she works with recommend her to others because of the great overall experience-just as we are recommending her now. Than you again Denise and Yaman Real Estate. “

Jessica Lee and Thomas Teal

” I am writing this on behalf of Denise Allen. My husband and I put our house on the market in early spring 2009. Within that time we had 5 Realtors.

Our first Realtor tried her best the first six months. During the time she was a Realtor she was also going to school so the second half of the contract year she partnered up with another agent and later we found out that she did not show our house once. The first agent eventually let us out of our contract a little over a month early. The second agent had our house on the market for 3 month did not show it or advertise the home at all. The third agent was new; our home was to be his first listing. We followed his numerous advisements and we were told that the money we put into it would come back to us in the sale of the house. We knew the market was down and knew we would not get that money back but at this point just wanted to sell the home. He then advised us to lower the price to the point were we had very little “wiggle” room in the event we did receive an offer. He ended up leaving the agency so we again receive another agent. Then to our knowledge the new appointed agents work load was very high so he then gave our file to yet another agent who was more divers in the type of sale we were going for and it was a godsend.

We spoke to Denise for the first time during the first week of February 2011 and I was instantly impressed with her. Denise was very well spoken and seemed very knowledgeable in the type of sale we were working on. I felt very comfortable the moment we spoke for the first time. My husband was also impressed with the way she handled herself and her “I don’t know everything but I will find the answer and do all I can” attitude. We were going through some issues with our home, so we were behind on our payments, not only did she speak to the banks but also recommended an amazing attorney and dealt with his office as well. Do to the fact that our previous Realtor had convinced us to lower our price that it would be okay, when we did get an offer on our house the Realtor never anticipated all the closing cost attorney fees we as the sellers would be responsible for. After learning what a substantial amount it would be for us to close Denise took it upon herself to contact the mortgage company and tried to get them to settle with us. Because she was able to negotiate on our behalf we walked away from closing without having to pay a massive amount of money.

I believe there are those who do their job and those that do their job well. I believe Denise is in a whole other category. She is the epitome of ” above and beyond” duty. Not only did she help with the bank and the loan, speaking with the attorneys, she also kept us posted every strep of the way. Even if there wasn’t anything to report she would still call or text and tell me “nothing new”. Which I believe is rare. When things started to go a little south on the sale due to miscommunication on our banks end it looked like we might not be able to sell the home. Not only were we upset but also depressed because we had come so far but between Denise and our attorney that she recommended they got us through it. But the biggest thing I can say was that every step of the way during that month Denise would call or text and tell me to keep my chin up. That everything would work out, not to be down things were going to be okay. Not only is she an amazing agent, she is also an amazing person. My husband and I would recommend her a thousand times over and also in the future would definitely buy a home from her. We hope this letter will state what a pleasure and gift it was being able to work with Denise Allen.